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From the moment you decide to have your timber floor sanded and polished we can assist you with any of your timer flooring needs, from the latest trends to the most cost effective finishes.

Without a doubt the latest trend in floor sanding is staining, which is a process that allows you to change the colour of your floor to suit your needs. 

The most effective way to change the colour of your floor is to stain the timber direct.  As well as colouring the timber, staining enhances the grain, giving your timber a distinctive appearance.

We apply the stain direct to the timber using a wipe on wipe off process.  When staining your floor, prior to commencing your job we will show you some samples of colours to choose from and then we usually apply some of your chosen sample directly onto your floor to assist you in making a decision on the depth and richness of colour choices available to you. 

The colour you choose all depends on the type of timer you have, the grain of the timber and different lighting throughout your home. 

This is the reason we come and apply samples, so you can get an accurate colour on your floor.

Remember that timer is a natural source that comes with imperfections and individual characteristics, so whether you stain or lime your timber floor, the natural characteristics will always be apparent and depending on the timber you wish to stain will determine the outcome of the colour, unless you decide to go for a really dark stain like black-japan or something similar.

If you are looking for a much lighter result, then liming your timber floor is a wonderful alternative to staining. Liming gives a paler, much whiter look to the timber without removing the individual characteristics that a timber floor offers.




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