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We use only quality products for our finishes. D solvent polyurethanes; water based polyurethanes; hard oil waxes (treatex)


Arboritec — Pioneer in nanostructurally designed finishes

The Swedish-based company Arboritec AB develops and manufactures premium finishing products for parquet and timber floors. The unique nanostructure of the products gives rise to several desired characteristics, such as first-class quality, durability and user-friendliness. They have the most environmentally friendly products on today's market and their quality management system assures the best possible performing products and a continuous striving for improvements.

Their two-pack COMPO has the world's first fully icocyanate-free hardener, and what's more, is rated in Taber testing as the most durable water based coating in the world.

Synteko Classic is a fast-drying, two-component, acid-curing hardwood floor finish for interior use based on modified amino and alkyd resins in a solvent mixture. This finish has an amber colour, enhancing natural wood colours. It is a truly unique system with moderate VOC compared to conventional coatings. It's extremely hard, solid finish when cured cannot be re-activated or damaged by other solvents. Despite it's hardness it is largely immune to edge bonding in new timbers and less prone to rejection. The coating cures with incredible chemical adhesion and is so hard that a 2 coat system suffices on most timbers. Where the air flow is appropriate, the drying time (around 1 hour) is such that even three coats, if neccessary, can be applied in one day saving you time and money. Available in Gloss, Satin and Matte.



Urethane Coatings was incorporated in 1979 as the research and development arm of Huntley Chemicals P/L.

They commenced manufacturing polyurethanes of their own in 1991 in response to requests from old Huntley clients who believed the price of polyurethanes were excessive, and the quality inconsistent.

Over the years Urethane Coatings added to and improved the range and now offer a portfolio of coatings superior in every respect. They have a complete range of single pack gloss of varying solids levels, subdued gloss coatings, and two-part polyurethane including a fast A if required. These are highly renowned products with excellent performance in the market and the best value.

For more information go to www.urethanecoatings.com.au



The premium TuffCoat product is the highest build single pack polyurethanea vailable on the market. Yet, Tuff Timber Coat has excellent flow properties enabling easy application for the contractor. TuffCoat also have specialised concrete coatings which match the strength of two pack polyurethane, also with excellent flow and weathering properties, and with extremely high adhesion to stone and concrete. There is also a UV stable concrete coating for outdoor applications.

More information is available at  http://www.tuffcoataus.com.au


EnviroMax by Feast Watson

EnviroMax is a two pack, aliphatic, water based polyurethane which combines the convenience, and environmental friendliness of a water-based product, with the performance of solvent based products.  This product is widely used in commercial applications where fast drying and low orders is important.



The German Treatex brand of penetrating Hard wax Oils are an oil and wax combination on a base of natural sustainable raw materials including linseedoil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, carnauba wax and candelilla wax.  They cantain no pollutants and minimal solvent content, are manufactured and processed with the least possible risk to humans and the environment and recommended for those prone to allergies.


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