Floor Sanding and Polishing Melbourne

What you can expect

The purpose of this web page is to provide information that will assist you, the customer, in preparing to have your floors sanded and finished and to give you an understanding of what is reasonable to expect from a professional applicator.


Preparation for sanding and coating

Any silicone or silicone based product which comes into contact with the floor after sanding but prior to any of the 2 or 3 coating systems will cause rejection of the coating.  Silicone is often found on the footwear of plumbers and glaziers.

It is recommended that all painting except the final coat on skirting boards be completed.  The final coat can be applied to the skirting’s after completion of the floors.

Carpets should be laid after the floors are finished.

Unless specifically agreed to and quoted for, all furniture should be removed together with all floor adequate lighting and power to be available.

Arrangements to be made for clear and safe access to the site.

A thorough explanation of the work to be carried out at the time of quote.

A comprehensive quote detailing all work to be carried out.

Expert sanding and coating.

Nails punched.

Nail holes, knot holes and gaps at the end of the boards to be filled with the appropriate filler.

A coating system that will provide many years of beauty providing it is properly maintained.


What not to expect

A completely dust free environment. Modern sanding machines are fitted with dust collecting equipment and sanders will endeavour to clean dust away by vacuuming and wiping down surfaces.  It is virtually impossible however to totally eliminate dust from the job, which has a couple of consequences:

a) There will always be some dust particles that settle on the newly finished surface.

b) There will be an amount of dust throughout the rest of the house.

Removal of deep cuts such as those from carpet trimming knives or deep gouges in the boards.

Removal of stains from within the boards and around nails holes such as animal urine and water marks.

Filling gaps between the boards.  These gaps are not filled because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will cause cracking in the filler.

Do not expect any areas filled with putty to have the same feel as the timber after application of the coatings.




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